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What is a fusion video?

Fusion videos are fully customized digital (HD) productions which creatively blend video clips, audio, and dynamically moving still photos, all beautifully choreographed to music. They can be any length and are perfect for documenting important events--like a wedding, family gathering, graduation, engagement, or even a corporate branding message. Bella Vita Creative specializes in fusion videos. Your photo album comes to life! Check out our Videos page for video examples.

Here's what you get with every package

Our videos are more then a typical or predictable slideshow. We transform your favorite photos, add titles and your choice of songs, and create a magnificent display of motion and transitions that become a wonderful blend of sight and sound:

High Definition wide-screen video montage
Photo touch-up including cropping, color-correction, & basic restoration
"Ken Burn Effects" / Panning and zooming / Transitions between images / Titles and captions
Your choice of Licensed music
DVD box case with personalized DVD label
Personal phone consultation to exchange ideas and ensure your comfort

Why Bella Vita Creative?

Anyone with the correct software and equipment can create a slideshow; there are many slideshow programs out there. Many of the commercial software products for organizing digital photos can make basic slideshows as well. However, in most cases, these slideshows are only for viewing on the computer. They also tend to lack controls for duration, slide movement, and special effects. Just like any endeavor, to obtain professional results requires time, skill, and experience. Hiring a professional almost always results in a higher quality presentation as well as significant time saved for you. We take great pride in producing top quality, cutting-edge fusion videos.

Video Suggestions

Consider a fusion video for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, memorials, senior pictures, graduations, retirements and more.

Custom DVD videos make beautiful and thoughtful gifts as well. You’ll receive a finished video on DVD, CD, or Blu-ray or you may share them on Facebook, YouTube, your blog or website. Ramblin’ kind of guy or gal? Go mobile on iPad or iPhone.

Other ideas for fusion videos:

Create a video with pictures of the first smile, the first tooth, the first step and other sweet moments of your baby’s life. Gift the DVD to distant grandparents and let them experience what the little ones are up to.

Wow your guests at your child’s birthday party or a sweet 16 by showcasing the video.

Charm everyone at your wedding rehearsal dinner by letting a video tell the whole tale, starting from your dating days to your first kiss and the proposal.

Or simply show off your wonderful vacation photos to friends and family after the backyard barbecue . . . the opportunities are endless!


Music is a key factor in creating the right mood for your DVD. We encourage you to select songs that are meaningful to the subject of your show or your family. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are selecting music that is appropriate for the video, not your own favorite song. Look for songs that are meaningful and fit the mood of the photos.

Copyright laws regarding music are tough and are enforced. Bella Vita Creative only obtains music legally and requires that customers do the same. We strongly encourage you to provide your own music since that way you can guarantee that each song is exactly the version you want. If you provide us with the music, we can accept and use only legally-purchased CDs (no home-burned music CDs or files will be accepted). All music you send us will be returned to you when the DVD is completed.

We’ll be happy to purchase music for you if you cannot provide it yourself. When we provide the music, we purchase the music only from legal, legitimate internet sites such as iTunes or Amazon. The cost for each song we purchase is $1.50. We also use royalty-free music when available and appropriate (such as when the slideshow will be broadcast or used on the internet).

A copyrighted song can be used in your video as long as:

1. The video is only for viewing privately by your family and friends
2. Admission will not be charged to see the video
3. The video and DVD will not be mass-produced
4. The video will not be sold or recopied

You will be asked to sign a statement during the order process indicating that you own the music included in the video and that the DVD is for personal use only and will not be resold.

Suggestions for a successful video

Time Length

Less is more! An 8-12 minute montage will captivate your audience. 75-150 photos are recommended for a perfect montage. Make it too long and you might find your guests yawning or worse, on their iPhones or on their way out the door! We are always up for creating longer videos for anyone--just keep your audience in mind. If you are compiling a video with the history of a family or an organization, it will most likely be much longer.

About 10 photos fit in each minute of music. Generally, the number of photos you have in the video indicates how many songs should be used.

Choose High Quality, Meaningful Photographs

While we automatically adjust each photo, there is only so much a software program can do. For best results, avoid pictures that are very small, blurry, or with any other detracting features. Select pictures that make you laugh or cry or have special meaning to you (like birthdays, weddings, vacations, sports, New Year celebrations, and other events). Action photos are great as well. In addition, anything that can be scanned may be included in your video. This includes newspaper articles, announcements, diplomas, ticket stubs, licenses, invitations, letters, cards, etc.

There is no maximum limit to the file size that we can use. However, if you downloaded your pictures from a website or if your pictures were taken with a mobile phone, please verify that the files are at least 200KB in size. If you are planning to submit scanned images of your printed photos, please be sure that the scanned photos are done at a resolution of 300 dpi or more. This will ensure a DVD quality video.

If you have printed photos and do not have access to a scanner, we will be happy to scan them for you. Please note that there will be a $1.00 charge per photo for scanning.

You can provide your digital photos on a CD, memory card, flash drive OR via a sharing site such as Dropbox (Dropbox is highly recommended). You should have your photos in order and numbered (only you know the order in which you’d like your photos shown--unless the photos are to be shown randomly).

The Basic Process:

1. Determine the theme of your show (wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, etc.)
2. Gather and organize all your materials (paper photos, digital images, video clips, printed materials)
3. Select your music (we can help if you don’t know where to start)
4. Send us your materials (IMPORTANT: if you plan on sending in an order, please call us at 360-422-6024 so we know it’s coming)
5. We create your one-of-a-kind video, arrange a preview prior to production, then produce your custom DVD
6. We ship the completed DVD to you along with all the materials you originally sent us
7. Enjoy the show!

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time depends on the complexity and size of your order and our current workload at the time your project arrives. We handle most projects on a “first come, first served” basis. Therefore, turnaround times will be slower during busy times of the year, such as May/June (wedding and graduation season) and November/December (holidays). As a general rule, 4 weeks is a required minimum. For very large videos (200+ photos), more than 4 weeks is needed. If a video is needed more quickly, please contact us and we will do our best for you (rush charges will apply).

Video Pricing

We strive to keep our pricing straightforward and affordable so that you may design the video that fits your budget. Here’s the skinny:

$2.00 per photo, plus one $25 set-up fee (includes one DVD in a customized case). That’s it!*

* Video duration for 50 photos is approximately 5 minutes, 100 photos for 10 minutes, 200 photos for 20 minutes, etc.


Extra copy of DVD - $10 each
Upgrade any DVD to Blu-ray High-Definition video - $14 per disc
High resolution photo scanning with CD of scans - $1.00 per photo
Rush Orders - Additional 20% of Total Order Cost
Video Clips - 20.00 Each (approximately 30 seconds or less per clip is recommended)
Music - Please see the music section on our Videos Page

Shipping and Handling:
United States First Class Mail (5-10 days) - Free
Priority Mail (2-3 days) - $6
Express Mail (1-2 days) - $19
FedEx Overnight is available for Rush Orders

Ordering a Video

Let’s talk! Please visit the Bella Vita Creative “Contact” page and call or email us with your request. We’ll be happy to answer any questions, provide you with a price quote, and other suggestions for making a memorable, beautiful video. We’ll also send you more information with tips on how to prepare for your video . . . all the details will be provided.

Contact us today and before you know it, you’ll be viewing your very own customized video guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat, bring tears to your eyes (or at least make your chin wobble), make you laugh or bring a smile to your face!

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