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Why do I do what I do? It has a lot to do with passion, craft and a wobbly chin.

About Me

I am Dana Chrysler, owner of Bella Vita Creative. Bella Vita means “beautiful life" in Italian. When coming up with a name for my business, it was the obvious choice. No, I'm not Italian, although I love Tuscan design, eating Italian food, and am currently scheming on how to afford a trip to Tuscany someday! (Thank you, Olive Garden, for inspiring me.)

Do you find that it isn’t enough to stash your photos in a box or on a hard drive, never to be seen again? In the midst of the rushing around your day—getting kids off to school or grabbing your phone as you head out the door—do you want your last glance to be the beautiful family portrait on your wall, a reminder of your blessed life? Well, that is me. My stairwell walls (and every other space I can find) are lined with family photos and tributes to my beloved pets. I'm addicted to photo frames, clocks, candles, and portraits—they are the “jewelry" of my home.

I guess you could say I'm a sentimentalist—always have been. Actually, many times I have wished it weren't so . . . it gets embarrassing! My family teases me when they see the tears are about to flow: my wobbly chin is a dead give-away. If you're like me, your Creator, family, and friends are what life is all about (well that, and Starbucks).

Once upon a time . . .

I've had a lot of interesting jobs in my work life, including a stint with the Seattle Seahawks and a memorable tour of duty as a flight attendant. Those were the “glam" jobs. The “non glam" jobs were office management, typesetting, public relations, and teaching high school marketing. Then there was my job coordinating trade shows in Las Vegas, best remembered for my “I Love Lucy" escapade posing as an extra in a TV-movie (when I was supposed to be manning—or is that womaning?—a trade show booth). Darn if all my scenes didn't end up on the cutting-room floor! And let's not forget my short-lived career as a stand-up comic (advice to newbies: don't practice your half-formed jokes on hubby at the dinner table).

Anyhoo, it wasn't until later in life that I realized how much I loved the visual arts and became a graphic designer, eventually leading to photography. I was blessed to be my daughter's engagement photographer and, I must say: it doesn't get any better than that! (I heard later there was some concern as to whether she and her fiancée would feel comfortable doing all that smooching in front of me, but once I got behind the camera, they didn't seem to have a problem!)

Take a look at this website. You'll find that I use rich colors, elegant graphics, and captivating music and images to preserve moments in time that resonate with the emotions and personality of my clients. If you like what you see, we need to talk!

Beautifying the world, one image at a time

All of the experiences I've gathered as a photographer, graphic designer, writer, and storyteller have culminated in the things I love to do the most: add beauty to the world and joy to others.

I love to experiment with new techniques and am constantly working on improving my skills. My goal as a creator is to make your heart skip a beat, bring tears to your eyes (or at least make your chin wobble), make you laugh or bring a smile to your face every time you view the images you cherish.

This is my passion, this is what I do, and I want to do it for you.

Dana Chrysler, Bella Vita Creative

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